Book Reviews: The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory and The Body Remember, Vol. 2.

The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe

by Stephen Porges (Norton, 2017)

The Body Remembers, Volume Two: Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment

by Babette Rothschild (Norton, 2017)

I have been enjoying these latest new resources for understanding the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and I am inspired to create a plea to the experts to tweak the message. In my view, the issues are:

  • Whether the “social engagement system,” … more

  • CS-Q Reflections

    As a part of their final exam, we asked the recent graduates of the Group “Q” BCST training to reflect on their experience in the course and its impact on their life. We were moved and humbled by their touching and profound comments, and it just felt right to share. We are deeply grateful to these students and excited to see what they do next!


    The BCST course has been life-changing for me. I … more

    Dancing with Yin and Yang Book Review by Ray Castellino

    Dancing coverDancing with Yin & Yang, Ancient Wisdom, Modern Psychotherapy and Randolph Stone’s Polarity Therapy
    by John Chitty (2013)
    Boulder, CO., Polarity Press, 422 pages, ISBN: 978-0-941732-04-8.

    Review by Ray Castellino

    John Chitty’s book Dancing with Yin & Yang is not just another book on therapy and psychology. It is a must-read for all practitioners including and especially those who explore into the realms … more

    Reconciling the Direct and Indirect Healthcare Factions

    It is common to hear “Direct” and “Indirect” healthcare providers snipe at each other. This article encourages a truce between the two camps.

    The Direct camp — mainstream medicine and science — often ridicules1 the many versions of Indirect camp — a very diverse sets of holistic practitioners and alternative providers. The Indirect advocates frequently launch counter-attacks. The fact that the Indirect camp is experiencing excellent marketplace growth adds spice to the debate. However, even within the … more

    My Darwin Rant

    (Download Darwin Slide)

    In the centennial year for Darwin, we were swamped with interesting new biographies and commentary. This note is to give my thoughts on why Darwin is incomplete and is not serving very well as a way to understand human experience.)

  • Darwin’s “natural selection” principle is not confirmed by Embryology. The chimpanzee seems to be morphologically descended from humans, not the other way … more