Polarity Therapy Life Coach Diploma

New in 2018! CSES offers a Polarity Therapy Life Coach Diploma

For Polarity practitioners who desire a professional niche enabling both touch and talk, the CSES Life Coach is a new diploma that supports using Polarity Therapy for stress management and goal attainment. Unlike psychotherapy, the CSES Life Coach Diploma does not address mental illness, diagnosis or allopathic interpretation. The CSES Life Coach supports clients in their quest for greater satisfaction in relationships and career using a multi-modality, body-mind-spirit approach as presented in the book, Dancing with Yin and Yang, by John Chitty.

2018 Dates: TBD, send us an email with your interest.

Key elements of the approach include:

  • Polarity Therapy cosmology including the Journey of the Soul, Three Principles and Five Elements
  • Polarity “Hierarchy of Action Fields,” sorting life activities in the order of impact
  • Polarity Two-Chair “Awareness” method, to induce movement where fixation has become habitual.
  • Other Polarity Therapy self-help methods including diet, exercise, bodywork, values, relationship dynamics and energetic assessments.
  • General practitioner skills emphasizing presence and right relationship.
  • Clearing energetic obstacles to success


  • Completion of the 116-hour four module Life Coach program (four 4-day modules, offered annually). Completion of the CSES Polarity Level 2 (RPP) and/or Verbal Skills course includes the LCD.
  • Completion of an online, open-book test, to verify knowledge of the basic concepts of this method, as described in Dancing with Yin and Yang.
  • Ongoing membership in the American Polarity Therapy Association, or comparable national professional association to satisfy the Life Coaching Code of Ethics participation requirement. 
  • Evidence of having active supervision in clinical practice, with at least 3 contact events per year.

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