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Craniosacral Group Q 2016: I am in deep gratitude. This class has blown my mind open so far; I couldn’t have comprehended how much I would have learned or how deep I would have gone into the experience of being connected with everything around me. The sense of spirituality I’ve gained from the basic concept (maybe not so basic actually) of “the field” is something I’m excited to keep exploring, and I’m excited to explore everything we’ve touched on in this class. It seems like the tip of the iceberg.

Craniosacral Group Q 2016: This course was a jaw dropping, life changing, health restoring, amazingly nourishing initiation into new world of work supporting the growth and healing. The pacing, while at times is repetitive and very slow, works! I don’t believe that I would be where I am in my practice if there had not been ample time for the material to unfold, and a process that holds technique, anatomy, personal trauma stories, and experiential learning the way that this course does. I also really appreciated the emphasis on self-care, permission to be met wherever we were at emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually in each module.

Craniosacral Group Q 2016: This course has been the most profound learning I have experienced in my life. It was interesting to be taking this concurrent with returning to grad school after 35 years and comparing the quality of instruction and learning that occurred in each instance. I appreciate the pace and attention to various learning styles you incorporate in your classes. Even though we are trained to go out and be of service to others, I feel a deep gratitude for the sometimes painful, but very insightful personal learning. Even though I may not have many years to practice, I have such a deep understanding and felt sense now of how we as humans are all connected and resourced with and between each other. To have experienced that connection with others on such a deep level is something I did not expect and will likely be the motivator to practice going forward.

Craniosacral Group Q 2016: One of my favorite things about this course has been the way that ‘esoteric’ philosophy combines so skillfully with human anatomy. I now have a deep understanding (intellectually as well as experientially) about energy as the underpinning of matter, and I see it as a dynamic and interrelated system, no longer two different things. Words are hard to do this course justice. I’m grateful, humbled and inspired.

Craniosacral Group Q 2016: I feel like I have moved from a place of unknowing to a place of understanding in who I am and why I am here. The class was profoundly moving, insightful, educational, exciting, wondrous, empowering and hard for me. First and foremost I have learned about myself, I understand much more about my nervous system and how and why it reacts as it does. I have found great appreciation for the underlying intelligence and because of that have ease in letting go and knowing there is something greater at work within me. My nervous system has settled and my eyes have opened up to a world of deep beauty and joy. My curiosity is piqued and I want to learn more, know more, but first, I want to practice and use what I have learned. I have found my life’s work here in BCST and I am thankful I can fall into the hands of the intelligence of the system and continue my learning.

Craniosacral Intro 2014: “John’s capacity to present the most esoteric and sublime concepts and marry them so beautifully with the fundamentals of Biodynamic Craniosacral not only far exceeded my expectations but has lit a fire of desire and passion of know more!”

Craniosacral Group P 2015: “I deeply appreciate the kindness and care that goes into understanding the pace conducive to genuine learning. This along with your individual brilliance and passion and commitment to the topic makes the learning environment. And thank you for appreciating the differences between us in the group – how we learn uniquely, our individual base knowledge, and also our unique ways of self-expression in how we share – that there is compassion for sharing that comes from the blueprint and at times from the imprint. I am grateful for the patience of the space for each of us to clarify gradually.”

Craniosacral Group P 2015: “I appreciate the order of somatic learning first and theory second. More than anything, I’m grateful from the opportunity to develop my personal resiliency! I’m changing and it’s exciting. As always, I am delighted to be in community with everyone. I feel very motivated to study and learn anatomy!”

Craniosacral Group P 2015: “I love the content and structure of the material. I love how we’re working our body, mind and spirit all at once! I love how relevant the material is to the rest of my life and how it’s all integrating together. It’s so amazing to feel the deepening in each module and the more we work with a person the more interesting it is.”

Polarity Therapy Intro 2015: “I especially appreciated your vast knowledge of not only the foundation of Craniosacral Therapy/Polarity Therapy but of the most cutting edge science and medicine and what we still don’t know. Enjoyed your pedestrian nature and emphasizing this in the work.”

Body into Being 2014: “Learning how to give and receive support in this community has improved my relationships both with my Self and others. I have deepened my connections with my family and friends and discovered healthy ways to disagree. I was help spaciously and comfortably in a safe container by Ray and Anna and the assistants. I appreciated their clarity, intelligence, playfulness and compassion. I love having sound and movement as learning essentials.”

Craniosacral Intro 2014: “You provided a masterful orchestration of the theoretical and experiential learning process. I enjoyed it, without stress and overwhelm. You kept the depth and breadth of your knowledge focused in the present moment of the learning process.”

Polarity Therapy Module 1: “So superb, interactive, dynamic, soft, sincere, humorous, full of potency, leaving me always satisfied and wanting more! This is the class I’ve been looking for 7 years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Austin TX Craniosacral Group: “This class is changing my life in a real and graceful manner… The best teaching I have ever experienced: stimulating, knowledgeable, compassionate teaching with amazing ease… It seems that the 5-day format is perfect, every minute is packed with information and I feel that I am coming into my own with this work… Appreciating John’s reactions to each person, how everyone is helped to feel valued.”

Exploring Brain Areas: “Wow, what an experience!!! Thank you so much for all your attention, preparation, thoughtfulness, knowledge and patience this past 4 days. It was an extraordinary experience not to be missed… I have given a few sessions incorporating the material and have had very good results. One client says it has dramatically changed her life– she had early separation trauma (adopted) and was never quite settled in her body– so that’s quite amazing…

Craniosacral Group K Module 2: “I particularly appreciated the hands-on augmentation and guidance from Anna and the teaching assistants… I enjoyed the mix of visual, verbal, hands-on instruction… The sequential nature of the material presented coupled with the deepening of the therapeutic relationship is brilliant and necessary… The practice sessions are the best way for me to integrate the material. This is changing my perceptions on so many levels. The hands-on support with a teaching assistant putting hands over mine during practice was very helpful.”

Polarity APP Module 1: “Good balance of theory & practice, good pacing, request for more instruction about blending verbal [Polarity Counseling] and hands-on… Thanks for your light-heartedness and rebellious streak… I appreciated the wider, more holistic view of Polarity and Three Principles in all aspects of life… I have a new understanding of Polarity and many more possibilities of how to use it.”

Craniosacral Group J Module 7: “Thank you for holding the presence so that I feel safe enough to reach beyond my usual comfort zone… I appreciate how we have breaks and variety in the day. It helps me slow down and digest and be with myself… I am very grateful for how everything is coming together… It is very educational and helpful to see how Anna responds to the group… I really appreciate your willingness to bring the “cutting edge” of your new awareness of possibility and processes and how this work is evolving.”

Santa Fe Triune Autonomic Nervous System seminar: “What was most effective for me in this class was the oscillation between the more esoteric concepts and the anatomical concepts… Teaching got straight to the point, then allowed time and space to process the information… I appreciated the weaving of the spiritual with the scientific.”

Polarity Class from a Craniosacral Student: “I’ve been giving a lot of sessions, frequently combining Polarity with Craniosacral, and it is going very well. I have so many more options now. The Craniosacral work has deepened and become even more wonderful. I’m in love with all of it!”

Craniosacral Group H Module 8: “Loved the lightheartedness with which the sphenoid/maxillae/palatine/vomer complex info was conveyed… The group energy is so supportive… Great balance of anatomy, process, sessions, integration… I really appreciate the de-briefing after the maxillae session.

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