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Dancing with Yin and YangDancing with Yin and Yang
by John Chitty

Required in Polarity and Craniosacral Foundation Programs

This new approach to mental wellness shows how the universal principles of nature, known as Yin and Yang in the wisdom traditions, can be applied to psychology. General principles and specific applications are provided, including a fresh view of Fritz Perls' famous two-chair Gestalt method and a concise illustrated summary of Stephen Porges' Polyvagal Theory.

Learn more about Dancing with Yin and Yang here.

Working with BabiesWorking with Babies: A Five-Part Therapy Method for Infants and Their Families
by John Chitty

John Chitty's latest book conveys the information of his four-day seminar of the same title, that has been offered annually since 2007. The book brings information from Autonomic Nervous System regulation, Polarity Therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and applies it for therapists of all backgrounds who wish to work with new babies and their families.

Triune Autonomic NS PosterTriune Autonomic Nervous System Poster
by John Chitty

A thorough visual summary of the anatomy, function and phylogeny of the Autonomic Nervous System, according to the breakthrough research of Stephen Porges, PhD.

Energy ExercisesEnergy Exercises
by John Chitty & Mary Louise Muller

Self-help postures and movements for energy balancing, plus a section on body reading. This is the only text compiling this material under one cover.

Jaap van der WalThe Complete Three-Day Embryology Seminar
by Jaap van der Wal
Price: $100

8 DVD disks, plus a CD containing 4 class handouts, showing the entire class entitled “The Speech of the Embryo” given at CSES in 2005.

PolarityWallChartsPolarity Therapy Wall Charts
by Dr. Randolph Stone
Price: $7 each

5 of Dr. Stone’s most significant charts (Wireless Anatomy, 25 Combinations, Weaving the Body, 5&6 Pointed Star, and Energy Zones) are available as wall posters. Size is 18” x 14” . The posters are printed in black-and-white on heavy paper. Order the whole set or any poster individually. In addition, we have remnants of the prior version, in a larger size at 24” x 18”, for $8 each (reduced from $10). For the larger format, we are out of Wireless Anatomy.

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