Book Review: The Polyvagal Theory, by Stephen Porges

Porges has just published a long-awaited book version of his revolutionary ideas. This book is highly technical and combines many of his articles from scientific journals. Overall I am a bit disappointed as the main points seem to me to be a bit obscure. I am hoping for a book, “Polyvagal Theory for Dummies,” but this is not it.

The main points of the Polyvagal Theory are:


Book Review: Cranial-Sacral-S.E.L.F.-Waves by Olaf Korpiun

This new book from an Upledger-trained practitioner, Olaf Korpiun, in Munich offers exciting new proposals in three areas that are very important for biodynamic practitioners.

  • It pushes further into new territory to explain the cause of primary respiration movement, continuing development along the direction created by Nicholas Handoll (Anatomy of Potency) and Jim Oschman (Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis) and others. I think Korpiun’s contribution … more
  • My Darwin Rant

    (Download Darwin Slide)

    In the centennial year for Darwin, we were swamped with interesting new biographies and commentary. This note is to give my thoughts on why Darwin is incomplete and is not serving very well as a way to understand human experience.)

  • Darwin’s “natural selection” principle is not confirmed by Embryology. The chimpanzee seems to be morphologically descended from humans, not the other way … more
  • Advanced Biodynamic Diploma – First Awards Given

    CSES has just awarded the first group of Advanced Biodynamic Diploma recipients. The ABD status recognizes 300 hours of qualifying post-graduate training and experience. All ABD recipients have an active practice in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy; their listings are highlighted in the Directories of the CSES and IABT web sites.

    The first ABD recipients for CSES are:

  • Jo Bershenyi (Glenwood Spgs, CO)
  • Julia Bershenyi (Golden, CO)
  • Lauren Hess … more