Boundary Practice

The “boundary practice” comes from Polarity Therapy. It is a self-help way to re-establish the natural field effect of our aura or boundary, which serves as a natural kind of immune system. With a secure boundary, we re-gain the inherent choice about whom and how we interact with others. It is recommended that the boundary practice be done daily for a few weeks, ideally at a quiet time such as early morning or late evening. Through repetition we notice how our protective energy shell is affected by various people and events, and gradually through attention we create a more coherent and consistent sense of our own space where we are safe. The practice can be done without reference to any particular context; after we have become familiar with it we can use it when a particular problematic situation arises.

This audio was recorded in September 2011 on Day 4 of the Associate Polarity Practitioner Training.

The practice, which has three stages, follows the following instructions:

Imagine that you are inside a bubble or shell that is about one arm’s length outside your body. Starting at the front/center, survey the quality and condition of the inner surface of the shell, one quadrant at a time. Note differences in imagined distance, density, coloration, tone and any other attribute that comes to your awareness. Continue around the whole 360 degree scan, front to right, right to back, back to left, left to front.

Repeat the survey, this time imagining that you are repairing the shell. If it is too close, push it out. If it is broken, patch it with the imaginary repair medium of your choice. Go all around the same 360 degree scan. Be creative with your repair experience: plaster, plexiglass, wood, clay, metal, whatever feels right for you in the moment.

Once the repair process feels complete, imagine that you can sit back and enjoy the safety of your own space. No one can come in without your permission. The shell can be transparent so you can see what is happening outside; it is entirely your choice what happens inside the shell.

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